What Is An Operating System – Explained Utilizing Basic Terms

Have you been trying to find out the answer to the question, what is an operating system? A lot of people have no idea what this is, but you are about to have it explained to you using basic terms that anyone can easily understand.

Basically, the operating system is the software inside of a computer that consists of data and programs that help the computer run. This system helps to manage the computer hardware and to provide services for the actions of the many pieces of the application software like, media players and word processors.

The one thing that you have to understand is that without an operating system, no computer is going to work because without it a computer will not run right. This system is what helps the computer know what to do with different commands or prompts from you when you click on something or like when you get on the internet.

Now, the basic features for these systems are as follows:

– Process management

– Interrupts

– Memory management

– File systems

– Input/output

– Device drivers

– Basic computer security

Each of these features have their own function within the computer to help communicate with it through the operating system so that your computer knows what it needs to do with each new prompt or signal it receives.

Now the one thing that many people do not realize about operating systems is that they can be broken down into four various types. The various types are as follows:

1. Multi-user – This system is able to support multiple users at various times and all at once.

2. Multi-processing – This system is capable of handling and utilizing more than one form of computer processor.

3. Multi-tasking – This type allows many software processes to run simultaneously.

4. Multi Threading – This type allows different parts of a software program to run simultaneously.

These are the four different types of operating systems that are utilized by people everywhere. The type of system you utilize will depend on the computer you utilize and what you need the computer for.

It is a good idea to take a little time learning more about these types of operating systems and the functions for them if this is something you have to understand for your computer use. The more knowledge you gain about it the simpler it will be for you to know what operating system is best for your computer needs.

With all of this information in mind, you now know the answer to the question, what is an operating system? Now when people talk about the operating system of a computer you will know what they are referring to and not be in the dark about it like so many other computer users still are.

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