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Staying in touch with all the latest technology news is vital in the contemporary society we live in so figuring out how you can find the most recent stories could prove to be a fantastic advantage for anybody. In order to keep yourself up-to-date you need to find some reliable technology information sources that can offer you timely information and facts. Probably the most popular news sources for tech news are tech magazines, TV shows as well as the world wide web. From each of them you’ll be able to find out plenty of new information, however, many of those sources are better than some others and we’ll show you why, exactly.

You may very well have one or more subscriptions to various relevant periodicals but the downside is the fact that you get updated only once every month or if this is a weekly susbcription once a week. Taking into consideration the quick way that modern technology is evolving these days, you may be losing out on plenty of action and you’ll know later than most of the individuals close to you.

In general, publications are good to have around but they shouldn’t be your main information source. They’re very good if you need in depth information on specific subjects that you’re interested in though.

Another alternative you have is to inform yourself from different TV shows that feature the most recent gadget etc. This can very well be done, but you will need to be in front of the television every time the TV show is on which indicates that you’ll need to make your routine around your favorite shows. An alternative would be to record them if you don’t have time when they are being showed live and to watch them at a later date but at that time, you will not be watching the latest technology news at all, you’d only be catching up!

The very best source of news however is definitely the web where news are immediately available for everyone to see. The simplest method to plug yourself in in the juiciest technology news would be to come across some blogs that you like and to sign up to their RSS feed. This way, every single time a new piece of information is being updated, you get instant messages in your email box. There are now lots of sites with the latest computer technology news which are updated everyday. Make certain you browse around the internet to find a couple of sites you really like reading.

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Understanding Latest Technology News

Modern-day inventions have empowered us all with quite a few comforts that make our everyday lives as well as the responsibilities associated with it very easy. Assure the latest technology news and you will recognize that this is one area that doesn’t remain stagnant at all. Be it the in style technology news regarding gaming console to a discovery in space travel, tech news have often new things to offer to the readership.

In the past years where internet hadn’t developed into the integral part of our daily lives and the selected channel of relying news, breakthrough in technology was conveyed to the masses through newspapers that were a sluggish, not really durable and troublesome to archive medium. Fortunately for the current technology savvy individual, who wants to keep informed with the most recent happenings, mediums like tech news blogs and sites, news can easily be accessible on the web.

It does not matter, if a research is being carried out on some scientific marvel which dazzled the world about 20 years ago or the latest feat of cellular engineering that is taking the globe by storm, all may be found archived in a user friendly format on the web. As far as durability and sturdiness are concerned, this is one area which is not prone to the effects of worldwide financial crunch or political and geographical turmoil. It’s a ego sufficient humankind powered by inventiveness as its fuel.

Latest technology news irrespective of the country of origin gets equivalent and undivided attention from technology buffs, these men and women make up the greatest readership for any topic on the internet. There are several tech web sites in the online world that report the most recent technological breakthroughs and latest technology news. These websites get thousands of visitors each and every day, who are searching for diverse topics including the most recent PC processor chip to the newest cell phone and its software program released in the market.

Such websites are treasure chest when it comes to disseminating the news about newest gadgets as well as about some which are still in the development stage. These sites also serve as a commencing and marketing platform for this kind of commodities which the industries are fully aware of and take advantage from. For example, Apple undertook a enormous pre-release marketing campaign for the voguish iPhone 4G and no technology blog, computer blog, tech articles or tech news was without a piece of info about it. In a nutshell, technology sites are jointly beneficial for both the readership and the producers.

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University Of Nebraska Technology Transfer

The university of Nebraska technology transfer services provided by UneMed benefits the university in more than one ways. If you are wondering what exactly is university technology transfer? Then you must know that technology transfer is nothing but sharing a certain innovative technology between two or more organizations. Usually, one institute develops a new technology for the public welfare and shares it with the other company and permits them for commercialization of the same. In this instance, the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) develops new health care technology and licenses the same to UneMed for commercialization of biomedical research projects.
University of Nebraska constantly carries out new research to develop new and innovative products or devise new techniques to improve the health care industry and license the technology in the research lab to UneMed. UneMed then share the technology with their several business partners so that they can also benefit from the technology sharing.
Once the business organizations are convinced about the potential of the technology to benefit the pubic and to earn them profits, the businesses reach an agreement in the technology transfer office. Thus, University of Nebraska technology transfer benefits both the university and the business that buys the technology. While, the university gets the licensing fees for their technology developed, the business uses the technology to develop them into a full finished products or service to be sold in the market and earn profits from it. It also helps the businesses to avoid incurring cost on research and development of the product.
The research and development carried out at the UNMC research center has opened up several new avenues for technology transfer. The new technology developed at UNMC in different fields like diagnostics, discovery of new drugs to treat critical diseases and biotechnology are transferred. Researchers develop these technologies and transfer it to other business through UneMed who have specialized skills and other facilities to tap the potential of the technology and convert it into a commercial product. Sometimes, the researchers at UNMC transfer the new technology developed to companies that have superior technology or manufacturing setup for marketing of the products.
A major benefit of university of Nebraska technology transfer is that it facilitates application of one technology in multiple fields other than where it was designed. The researchers may develop a certain technology for the benefit of a certain field but they can obtain research tools licensing for it to be used other fields as well. For instance, the UNMC researchers may develop a certain technology that would benefit the diagnostic applications, but they can also license the same technology to other business that is focused on developing tools for therapeutic applications. UNMC is able to license its technology through UneMed and benefit it from commercially.

University of Nebraska technology transfer allows the university to share its technology with other business through UneMed, which facilities the university sign the agreement with the business at technology transfer office .

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Technology Transfer Office of A University Plays Pivotal Role In The Technology Transfer

There is no doubt about the fact that without a properly functioning of technology transfer office no research organization can benefit from the technology transfer process. To get a clear idea of functions performed by these technology office of technology transfer let us start from the beginning.

What Is Technology Transfer?

Technology transfer is a process in which discoveries of a University or institutions are transferred to another organization for further development of the technology in a commercialized application or product or service that can be used for the betterment of the people. There are specific procedures that are to be followed for technology transfer and it is done according to the Bayh-Dole Act that was passed by the Congress in the year 1980. Since then practice of technology transfer has been adopted by most of the Universities and other research institution that has benefitted both the organizations and society as well.

Roles Played By Technology Transfer Services

* Providing A Common Platform – The technology transfer office on the Universities function as a common platform for both the organizations – the University as well as the organizations that are getting the technology.

* Presenting The Research And Innovation – The first thing that the transfer office does is selection of the researches and innovations and discoveries that can be transferred. This is done on the merit of the research as well as the commercial value of the research. While selecting the researches they make sure that the end product will attract the prospective organizations and application of the invention will be beneficial for the society.

* Processing The Technology Transfer – Technology transfer is a detailed procedure that needs to be done step by step. There are some legal formalities and comprehensive documentation that needs to be done for flawless technology licensing. Without the expert help of the technology transfer services this is not possible for the scholars of the University to execute this complex procedure.

* Taking Care Of The Intellectual Property Rights – The most important part of technology transfer procedure is the Intellectual Property Rights and its safeguard. It is the duty of the technology transfer service offices to make sure that the rights are protected during the transfer process and even beyond that. According to the law the patent of the research that is being transferred should be obtained in favour of the organization where the research was done. Then only the process of licensing technology can be executed.

* Royalty Of The Researchers – Apart from these aspects, the technology transfer office also looks after the royalty sharing between the two organizations involved in the technology transfer process. Generally the financial benefit is shared by the inventor as well as the University or research organization. If the research was funded by federal Govt. then the proceeds of the technology transfer needs to be spent on research.

The technology transfer office is now a part of all those Universities that are having dynamic research facilities, office of technology transfer is a platform for transfer process.

Latest Technology News | Tech Crome | Tech blog

Being up-to-date the most Latest Technology News is vital within the up to date thusciety we have a tendency to sleep in so knowing however you’ll notice the most recent stories may encourage be an amazing advantage for anyone. To be ready to keep yourself updated you’ve got to search out some trustworthy technology news sources which may give you with well-timed info. the foremost well-liked news sources for technical schoolnology news are tech magazines, TV shows and therefore the world wide internet. From every of them it’s doable to search out out numerous new info, however a number of these sources ar higher than some others and that we can justify you why, exactly.
The latest technology news websites ar operated in an exceedingly manner and scope that rivals international news channels apart from the very fact that they solely bring news that’s technology connected. whether or not it’s the launch of a brand new device or contraption, or a call created by a technological company which will have an effect on legion users, such websites attempt to stay the readers updated regarding all the developments.

Since such news tends to have an effect on incalculable individuals in several ways that, the websites make sure that every account is verified for legitimacy before obtaining revealed. Even a slightest doubt regarding the genuineness of a point will cause it to get replaced now.

The growing a dependence of human beings on varied boons of technology, has seen a big growth within the variety of individuals religiously maintaining with the most Latest Technology News in Asian country. These embody not solely those that have simply started their careers in varied fields however additionally veteran professionals placed high in their individual organizations. this is often as a result of it’s this info which will facilitate the freshers to know to know what skills they might have to be compelled to attain to make sure success in their career. At an equivalent time it permits the veteran professionals to develop business plans and techniques involving the most recent technologies for increased growth and profitableness of the organization.
In associate ancient of computers, gadgets, gizmos, moveable phones, what is more part programs needs con to stay the premature within the direction of turn out, own, or develop the active technology.Just merely love athletes challenger towards persevere being larger, faster, additionally durable we love individuals gadgets once it involves have dimension attic capability, carryout quicker, what is more ar spectacular satisfactory on the thanks to quote something of our generating wants For unlimited individuals, enduring this era island no downside.The Latest Technology News to came out; varied can provide priority to off from one another and expire.

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A Forecast of The Career Opportunities in Surgical Technology – Ahead of 2009

Careers in surgical technology are very plentiful today. According to the International Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities in surgical technology are expected to grow faster than ever before by the second half of 2009. Additionally, it is evident that career opportunities in surgical technology will be more for the technology specialists who are certified by the accredited institutions. With the huge popularity of surgical technology, countless numbers of technology programs have popped up. It will be increasingly difficult to spot the best technology training program for surgical technology. The following up is a synopsis of possible career opportunities in surgical technology.

The Hospitals to provide more opportunities for well trained surgical technicians

Though those trained in surgical technology can seek careers in all fields of the healthcare sectors, the hospitals will be the main career source in future. You will be well aware of the fact that many hospitals have started their operation recently and they are all in need of skilled surgical technicians. It has to be noted that more than 70% of the surgical technology jobs came through the hospitals in the year 2008. The hospitals are expected to produce more than 80% employment opportunities for the certified surgical technicians in the near future.

A Faster Employment Rate

Various statistics indicate that the employment rate in surgical technology will increase by 24 % through the years 2009-2012. It must be noted that this rate is well above the average employment growth rate of other occupations available today. The main reason for this peak employment growth rate is, as the population increases, the need for surgeries will eventually increase which in turn will create a great demand for the skilled surgical technicians. Higher employment rates are expected in the physician’s offices and healthcare centers by the end of 2009.

Great Careers for Certified Surgical Technologists

Surgical technology training programs are available everywhere today. However, it is very important to spot the best surgical technology program as the employers are looking for well trained surgical technologists owning a degree from a certified institution. Pennsylvania Surgical Technology Programs are offered by several accredited colleges in Pennsylvania and are considered to be the some of the best programs that is available today. PA Employers prefer the candidates trained in Dickson City, Hazleton, and Sunbury surgical technology programs as they are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. Additionally, the students of Pennsylvania Surgical Technology Programs are eligible to get educational loans and many other benefits. Hence, the Dickson City surgical technology program, Hazleton surgical technology program and the Sunbury surgical technology program will become more popular worldwide in the near future.

All these predictions indicate that surgical technology will become one of the best employment sources in the near future. Hence this is the right time to get trained in surgical technology.

The Author of this article knows the importance of Sunbury surgical technology programs in finding the best career. He recommends the business colleges in Pennsylvania to get trained in business therapy. He is very sure that the candidates of the Sunbury surgical technology programs in Pennsylvania can get the best careers immediately.

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About Operating System

An operating system (sometimes abbreviated as “OS”) is the program that is managed after it is first loaded into the computer by a boot program, all other programs in a computer. The other programs are called applications or application programs. Application programs use the operating system service requests via an Application Programming Interface (defined API). In addition, the user directly with the operating system through a user interface, such as a command language or a graphical user interface (GUI).

As a consumer, if you are a programmer or highly specialized software applications, it is unlikely that you will need to engage with a specific operating system, with the exception of those who buy the computer you are coming. However, it is a fact of life with computers as operating systems change. Windows is a number of operating systems by Microsoft produced. The original operating system called Microsoft was MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System), which was replaced in 1985 by a program called Windows. Since its introduction in the market for personal computer with the Windows operating system dominates.

Changes in computer operating systems are usually a reflection of the hardware changes. If you have an old computer that have an older operating system, you can not automatically assume you can switch to a newer operating system. As time passes, the hardware is outdated and does not run some of the newer operating systems. If this happens, you can simply continue to die with your old computer and software to it, or you can buy a newer system that will come with a version of the operating system, the youngest

Operating systems can be categorized as follows:

Multi-user: Allows two or more users to run programs simultaneously. Some operating systems permit hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous users.

Multiprocessing: Supports running a program on more than one CPU.

Multitasking: Allows multiple programs to run simultaneously.

Multithreading: Allows you to run different parts of a single program simultaneously.

Real time: Responds to input instantly. Operating systems in common use, such as DOS and UNIX, are not in real time.

Once the operating system is booted, it manages all the hardware and software on the computer. In most cases, there are many different programs running at the same time, and they all need access to your main processing unit (CPU), memory and storage. The operating system coordinates all of this to ensure that each program gets what he needs. Without the OS, the software would not be able to with the hardware and the computer would be useless communicate.

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How Innovation Management Meets Digital Asset Management

Although multimedia, television, and advertising companies are known for their innovation and creativity, and idea management system should be in place to bring guidance and direction into these businesses. Large media firms and organizations hire individual employees to manage their digital assets. On the other hand they do not hire individuals to take charge of their innovation management. With building a specific budget, these companies hire innovation consultants to oversee their innovation management or build an idea management system. Viewers and consumers of these programs and on the Internet create their own content in response to shows and brands. Co-creation introduces new challenges for digital asset managers, including deciding what content to manage.

One way to help manage those challenges is by utilizing innovation tools to such as an enterprise management software to list and develop various challenges which the businesses may encounter along the way. With using an innovation management software digital asset managers will be able to apply the practice of corporate innovation to help them do their own work more effectively. The motivations for getting more individuals involved in innovation process management would be a system of rewards which would applaud those who get more involved in the innovation management. Offering incentives and rewards can be recorded and tracked on an enterprise management software to ensure fairness in using the idea management system.

In utilizing an idea management software creative license and delivery of unique thoughts and information are the assets which are exchanged for rewards. The innovation management software can represent a domain in which the ideas are implemented and can not be stolen. Those ideas can become an additional part of a grander scheme of ideas which exhibits the teamwork of corporate innovation. One of the pieces of Innovation Process management is the ability to but mind-maps with various destinations but with a guided objective set by innovation consultants. The one lack more businesses forget which building map mapping schemes amongst their organization members is the ability to scribe and document the progression. Innovation consultants ensure that the innovation management software is used as a tangible resource to keep track of the all the ideas and offerings used for innovation process management.

In media companies the most important asset is the content and its distribution. Every idea is unique and produced into grander schemes, whether is it s news broadcast, humorous television shows, or online advertising campaign. Creative assets have high value for digital asset managers as well as innovation consultants. The idea management system should be built using innovation management software as the core of its progression. Digital asset managers help their organizations identify, track, and recognize the economic value of the assets the organization owns or for which it has rights to use. Innovation consultants should do the same with the progression used in their innovation tools.

Ilan Smiths has been closely working with innovation management for many years. He can serve as a perfect guide to Innovation Tools, idea management software and corporate innovation.

Modern Science and Technology and the Challenges of Third World Countries

We live in a highly sophisticated world where everything is almost achievable. There would probably have been no changes between the world of today and that of three centuries ago if necessity and serendipitous discoveries had not driven men to achieve great things. Science and technology have had huge positive effects on every society. The world today has gone digital, even human thought. Our world has been reduced to a global village and is better for it.

The benefits of science and technology far outweigh every perceived shortcoming. Some of the biggest effects of technology are in the area of communication; through the internet and mobile phones. There is advancement of communication and expansions of economic commerce. Today we hear of information and communication technology (ICT). Any institution worth its name must have it in place to be really outstanding. Information technology has become boosted in today’s generation; from the field of communication, business, education, and down to the entertainment industry. Through information technology, work performances are boosted with less effort and greater productivity by using various operations. Without computers or the internet, it will be difficult for people all over the world to get their questions answered. One may use the internet to locate a wealth of information with which to answer an essay question that may have been assigned at school, communicate with people, conduct transactions, access news, buy and advertise goods. The list is endless.

The advancement of Science and technology allow mass communication today so that we not only have the television, radio and newspaper, but even mobile phones which renders a multipurpose service; from long distance calls, listening to radio and music, playing games, taking pictures, recording voice and video, and browsing the internet. The benefits we obtain as a result of services from ICT have become widespread in our generation today. It improves the productive level of individuals and workers because People’s knowledge of life beyond the area they lived in is now unlimited. This idea of mass communication also profoundly affects politics as leaders now have many ways they talk directly to the people. Apart from going on air to use radio or television, politicians resort to the social media for some of their political comments and campaign. Information about protests and revolutions are being circulated online, especially through social media. This has caused political upheavals and resulted in change of government in most countries today.

Furthermore, current global issues are much more accessible to the public. Communication has been brought also to the next level because one can find new ways to be able to communicate with loved ones at home.

Science and technology expand society’s knowledge. Science helps humans gain increased understanding of how the world works, while technology helps scientists make these discoveries. Learning has maximized because of different media that are being developed which are all interactive and which bring learning experiences to the next level. Businesses have grown and expanded because of breakthroughs in advertising.

Modern technology has changed the way many companies produce their goods and handle their business. The idea and use of video and web conferencing, for instance, has helped companies remove geographical barriers and given them the opportunity to reach out to employees and clients through out the world. In today’s economy, it has helped companies reduce the cost and inconveniences of travelling, allowing them to meet as often as they could like without having to worry about finding the budget to settle it. Modern technology helps companies reduce their carbon footprint and become green due to the fact that almost anything can be done from a computer.

There have been advances in medical care through the development of science and technology. Advances in medical technology have contributed immensely in extending the life span of people. People with disabilities or health problems are now more and more able to live closer to normal lives. This is because science contributes to developing medications to enhance health as well as technology such as mobile chairs and even electronics that monitor current body levels. Most devices used by the physically challenged people are customized and user friendly.

Science and technology increase road safety. Nowadays, law enforcement officers use Laser technology to detect when automobiles are exceeding speed limits. Technology has led to the development of modern machines such as cars and motorcycles which allow us to be mobile and travel freely and airplanes which travel at a supersonic speed.

Another machine, the air- conditioner, provides cool comfort, especially during hot weather. In offices where dress codes exist, people can afford to wear suits without being worried about the weather. It guarantees convenience even when the climate says otherwise.

Moreover, present day factories have modern facilities like machines and soft ware that facilitate production. These machines work with greater speed and perfection incomparable with human skills. These machines have enabled markets to have surplus products all over the world. For the soft ware, they make it possible for machines to be programmed, for production to be regulated, to monitor the progress being recorded and so on.

Modern technology indeed has been great. For third world countries, however, it has been challenging, especially the area of production. Only consuming and not been able to manufacture does not favour any country when it comes to balance of trade. The most sensitive parts of technology are the theoretical or conceptual parts and technical parts. These are the backbone of technological development anywhere in the world. Without the ideas, there will not be technology. Third world counties need to go back to the basics, that is, to the primitive. There must be meeting ground for tradition and modern technological invention. Third world countries engage in import substitution strategy where they import half finished goods and complete the tail end of the production process domestically. Third world countries started wrongly. They started with climbing the ladder from the top which is very wrong and difficult. They thought that being able to purchase and operate modern technological products qualifies for advancement in science and technological development. This makes third world countries to be a dependent system because working in the factories are routine work and this inevitably links to the issue of the idea of technology transfer. They should seek for technological transfer, but the problem is that no nation is ready to transfer her hard earned technological knowledge to any other nation for some certain reasons which drive nations into competition; world politics and economic prowess. That is the struggle to lead or dominate other nations technologically, economically and politically. Be the first to invent new gadgets and latest electronics including those used in modern warfare, use other nations as market for finished goods, and to have a strong voice and be able to influence other countries. They should consider embarking on technological espionage so as to acquire the rudiments for technological development if they must liberate themselves from the shackles of technological domination.

In conclusion, it’s not until third world countries begin to put embargo on the importation of certain electronics and mechanical goods that the necessity to be creative would replace the habit of consuming foreign products. Countries like Thailand, Burma, Brazil, and South Africa and so on, should be emulated. These countries experienced colonialism yet they did not allow it to overwhelm their creative prowess. Industry and determination saw them emerge as economic giants in the world today. Third world countries should emulate them by carrying out proper feasibility studies to ascertain which technology will suit their country; giving more financial boost to this area, training people to become experts; motivating and encouraging individuals who are naturally endowed and technologically inclined to display their bests of talents. These measures if strictly adhered to will go a long way to help the advancement of these countries in the area of science and technology. If these countries must achieve greatness before the next decade, they have to make conscious and unrelenting efforts. The time starts now! The more they delay, the more backward they become.

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Batch Operating System and Timesharing Operating System

Batch Operating System:

In early computer systems, the user did not interact directly with the computer system. The data and programs were first prepared on the input media such as punched cards or punched tape. The data and programs prepared on the punched tape or punched cards were referred to as jobs. These jobs were submitted to the computer operator. The computer operator would arrange the jobs into proper sequence known as batches and run the batches through the computer. The batch operating system was used to manage and control such type of operations.

The simple batch operating system transfers the jobs to the processor one by one. When one job is completed, then control is transferred to next job. For example, if first job is about to print a document on printer and second job is to execute a program for creating and editing text document. In this case, when first job is completed only then the second job is started.

The first batch operating system was developed in the mid-1950s by General Motors for IBM 701 computers. This system was revised and then implemented on the IBM 704 computers. By the early 1960s, a number of vendors had developed batch processing systems for their computers but the most popular batch operating system was “IBSYS” of IBM. This operating system was developed for the IBM 7090 / 7094 computers.

Timesharing Operating System:

Timesharing system is a multiprogramming, multiprocessing and interactive system. It allows multiple users to share the computer at the same time. This system executes multiple jobs of users by switching among them. Timesharing is used when multiple users are connected to a single computer in a communication network. Each user accesses the computer with its own terminal.

Timesharing operating system uses the CPU scheduling. Each user is assigned a small time unit known as time slice. The job of a user executes within its time slice. When the allocated time period for a job is used, the next job is allocated to it. This process continues in a cycle. Thus at a regular time intervals, some users may logout from the system, while new users may login into the system.

The processor switches so rapidly from one user to the next and each user feels that the entire computer system is dedicated to his use. So the users can interact with their programs, while they are running.

In timesharing system (like multiprogramming system), multiple jobs are also simultaneously loaded in main memory. The main memory cannot accommodate all these jobs at the same time. In this case, the jobs are kept on the disk in the job pool. The jobs in job pool await allocation of main memory. If several jobs are ready to be brought into memory, and if there is not enough room for all of them, then the system must require memory management. Similarly, if many jobs are ready to run at the same time, the system must schedule these jobs. The time-sharing systems must also provide a file system management to manage the input and output data of the multiple users.

Timesharing system (and multiprogramming system) also creates challenges for the operating system. If there are multiple jobs in memory, then they must be protected from interfering with each other such as modifying each other’s data.

One of the first timesharing operating system was the Compatible Time-Sharing System (CTSS). This operating system was first developed for the IBM 709 in 1961 and later transferred to IBM 7094. Nowadays examples of important timesharing operating systems are UNIX, Linux, Windows NT Server and Windows 2000 Server.

Imran Zafar writes articles about computer basics and
database management such as cooperating processes, inter process communication and process scheduling.